Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ari loves... Statement Necklaces!

A good statement necklace really can set off an otherwise "basic" outfit.  I have been loving this trend for quite some time now!  The bigger the better :)

I particularly love this gorgeous seashell and pearl necklace I bought for my 30th birthday outfit.  Even though it's very elaborate, I was able to rock it at the office.

Same necklace!  That's when you know you have made a great investment!

Thanks to my bundle of joy, I had to say RIP to my necklace... SMH

Another one of my faves is my zipper necklace.  I got this baby from a boutique near my house in LA.  I always get TONS of compliments when I wear this one!  How do you guys like it?

I really wish I could wear this necklace more.  The yellow is so poppin!  And now that color blocking is back I have lots of plans for this puppy.  I'll be purchasing similar pieces for my line so stay tuned..

At the office or on the beach.  Either way the yellow block necklace is a winner.

I got this bib when I went to Atlanta last year.  Another hot item that I love to pieces!  I've worn this necklace so many ways.  I have a good line up of bibs for #GTG.. Can't wait to show you guys!

My diamond birdie.  True conversation piece.

I love this necklace because it has so many different metals.  Rose gold, tarnished silver, dark gold... all in one piece!

Until next time.. stay fabulous!