Monday, June 25, 2012

Church Dress

Welcome back Monday... Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!  Mines was filled with baby showers and good times with my two besties!  You can never have enough girl time with your friends.

Yesterday for church, I wore this I Heart Ronson dress I got for $8 a few months ago.  I fell in love with the quality and fit of this dress.  It was originally priced at $69 so it was definitely a steal!  I've lost a few pounds since I bought it so the fit was a bit big but I threw a belt around the waist and called it a day!
It was a beautiful day in Sunny California yesterday.. I had to pull out my new Vince Camuto Shades!

Dress: I Heart Ronson || Shoes: Guess (my faves!) || Bag: Chanel || Jewelry: GTG

Rosary Bracelet via
This necklace was one of my best sellers! 

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Hugs and Kisses!



  1. Love the outfit, the color looks great on you....I am a fan of the belt trick. Some clothes are too big for me now but I can't let them go, so I find the nearest belt, LOL.

  2. cute outfit, awesome accessories!

  3. Love everything about this look!


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  5. Yass! from $69 to $8, I would have run out of the store kicking my heels and screaming, just from the price alone! Not to mention the great style of the dress! Score!!

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