Monday, July 16, 2012

BFSC / Adara's First Family Reunion

This year was my daughter's first Family Reunion.  She was definitely the "Belle of the Ball"

I think she had just as much fun as the adults!

For the Meet and Greet on the first night, I chose this beautiful maxi dress I got from a boutique back home in LA...

 Adara wore a Carter's romper with the cutest little sandals.  Her hair bows are from F21.

 I accented my dress with Gold Accessories.   

 Ever just feel like being quiet?  Well that's me today.. Not many words but tons of stuff running through my head..

 Golden Ball Earrings from

I'm crazy about this kid...

I'm swamped with school and other craziness at the moment but I am happy to finally be knocking two things of the list for the Big Fat Summer Challenge over at Jasifer Lions Club. 

Maxi Dress or Skirt (check)
Wear something sleeveless (check)

Two down, Eight to go!

I must say this is the coolest challenge ever!  It's not too late to participate ladies.. the contest ends on my bday - July 31st!

Love you all and thanks for following ;-)



  1. She is so adorable! Love your dress!

    Nique {}

  2. love this dress, you look gorgeous, and your daughter looks super cute!

  3. This dress is perfection on you! You daughter is cute, she's like a little cupcake, just adorable.

  4. You and your daughter both looks so pretty! I can see how she ended up being the Belle of the Ball :)

  5. I am so in love with your dress, Ari! From the cut, to the color, and the print, just lovely! You and your daughter both look beautiful =)

  6. Miss "Belle of the Ball" is so adorable! And you Ms. Thang, that maxi is IT! You both look fabulous!


  7. your daughter is adorable! your dress is pretty you look amazing!

  8. As much as I talk, I often feel like being quiet (I sooo get it!). Love the maxi dress and of course Miss Adara is look as cute as ever!

  9. OMG!! Your daughter is SO friggin precious! Almost makes me want to have another you look great!

  10. OMG she is too cute for words! You look FAB too in this blue dress!