Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Red Jeans

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU all for following my blog and leaving me nice comments every now and then.  I really appreciate your support.  Blogging has really added so much to my life and taught me so many things about shopping, saving and style in general...

Nothing major here, just me rocking my red jeans.  It was a beautiful, sunny California day and I was visiting my mother and decided to snap a few quick pictures.  Enjoy!

Top: Thirfted || Jeans: F21+ || Shoes: Lola || Bag: Gucci

One of my first Gucci bags.  I got this in 2005 and it's still going strong!

Don't you love those cool, casual days?
So I realized that I only have 21 days to complete the Jasifer Lions Club Big Fat Summer Challenge !  I need to get on it!  It ends on my birthday - July 31st which makes me even more game to get on board!

Stay fabulous guys!



  1. Totally agree with you on what you said about blogging... I feel like it's changed so much about my life over the past couple of months! Love the red jeans, right on trend!

  2. I love Gucci handbags and red jeans.

  3. I love the thrifted top and it looks great with the red jeans!

  4. Yesssss hunny make that bag give you your money's worth lol you look great, nice blog!!!

    Editor & Chic

  5. Lovely blog dear.

  6. You rock the cutest accessories!! Cute outfit!

    Nique {}

  7. cute outfit. that bag omg. You know you got all the fab handbags!