Friday, July 6, 2012

Turquoise and Coral

Hey dolls!

Miss me yet?  I just got back from my family reunion in New Orleans and I have tons of cute pics to share!  There is just something about New Orleans... The food, the people.. the DRINKS!  I had a blast and look forward to going back next year!

Before I left, I had my brother's graduation and my friend's wedding all in one day.  I need an outfit that could go from day to night with no fuss.  Here's what I wore...

Blazer: Thrifted || Dress: Nordstroms || Shoes: Guess || Bag: Chanel || Necklace: GTG

In case you haven't noticed, I LOVE purses.  Always have, always will!  It's my only true guilty pleasure.



  1. Now I understand why I am starting to not care for Blogger. I haven't gotten any updates in my blog list from your blog in over a month and your blog isn't the only blog that it has happened to. I have missed some great looks.

    Love this look, the color combination (dress, shoes, handbag and accessories) is perfect!!!

    Carsedra of:

  2. GORG! Loving your hair!

    Nique {}

  3. L-O-V-E everything about this look! You have my address so you can ship that bone colored Chanel bag at anytime...LOL

  4. This outfit is amazing! I love the colors, the print, everything! Love the purse too. I have lots of family in Louisiana (my mommy's from there)and I have to agree, there's just no food like N.O.L.A food!

  5. Cute Look! I do believe I may have the same blazer..or at least one that is super super similar!

  6. Great look! Loving these colors for the summer!

  7. Oooohh! I LOVE this color combo, and that print is banging! The color of that blazer is amazing, don't you just love thrifting I know I do.

    I love your hair too! CUTE!

  8. I love this look a lot ! The color of the blazer and dress work beautifully together

  9. Just fab! That dress....the color combo! Yessss

  10. yes now love this look. you look hot girl!