Thursday, August 16, 2012


Hey there!

Hope everyone has a nice, fast Thursday!  I am so excited for the weekend.  Me and my wine club girls are having a Malbec party on Saturday and since this isnt a wine i'm familiar I am looking forward to tasting and discovering something new!

For my outfit of the day, I did stripes with a bit of color blocking with my pink cami and my newest bag.  Can I just say I love this Celine bag?  My boyfriend was out of town for my first mother's day and came back with this as a gift.  I've been wearing it non stop all summer (as I'm sure you have noticed) and dont plan on putting it up anytime soon.  That guy knows the key to this girl's heart!!

Cami & Pants: Macy's || Blazer: Gifted || Jewelry: GTG

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All smiles!
Stripes are truly a wardrobe staple and can go with just about anything!  I love how this outfit turned out.  A cool, classic look for the office. 




  1. Chic! I love the ensemble. The blazer is gorgeous!

  2. lovely colors love the fit on everything I like that you paired this outfit with flats to give it more of a fun look. I tell you I have to work on getting me some cute comfy flats!!!

  3. Chic mam!!! And that bag, I want it!!! Love this look!!

  4. Super cute! Love the necklace :)

  5. WERK that blazer boo!!! Love this look and that necklace and the addition of the green tote is so stylish and chic!

  6. Hi dear!
    Love so much you're blog, is amazing!
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    Hope u follow back :) :)

    A lot of kisses.

  7. loving the stripes and pops of color!! that bag is amazing - especially in that color

  8. That bag stole my the stripped blazer!


  9. So a few things:
    1) Kinda obsessed with this bag. Wish my man leave town and bring me back something so sweet!
    2) A wine club? What a genius idea! I will be suggesting this to my book club gals!
    3) love you in this fun!
    XO - Marion

  10. Love the striped blazer! xo

  11. Love everything about this outfit!! Love the blazer!!