Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Leopard + Denim + Cobalt

Hey Friends!  How's everyone enjoying this fall weather?

The tempatures here in Los Angeles have been up and down lately but you can definitely tell that it's fall.  The nights are colder even though we still regularly have 80 degree days.  I'm looking forward to fall.. just gotta find the perfect rust colored bag and get a pair of black boots!  I'm also on the hunt for a trench coat with the black leather sleeves.. if you see one please comment or email me!

So nothing special about this look.. just another day at work.  I love cobalt and leopard together.  It's one of my latest obsessions!  I love how the colors play off of each other..


If you follow me on Instagram you know that I recently made a drastic change with my hair!!! These pictures were taken a few days before my transition.. I'll be posting some OOTD pics with my new hair soon so stay tuned :)

Stay blessed everyone!



  1. My favorite color and pattern!!! Love it!

  2. Those cobalt blue shoes set this look off! Love it!

  3. Super cute honey!! Live the leopard and blue together great look!!

  4. Those shoes though!!! Love this leopard combo!!! Werk!! I don't have your name for IG??