Wednesday, October 31, 2012

MAC Pro Party: Paint By Numbers

Hi guys!

I was recently invited to the MAC Pro store in Beverly Hills for a fab party unveiling one of the brands new collections.  As some of you know I used to work for MAC and it is still my all time favorite brand when it comes to cosmetics!  It felt good to get out and mingle with my fellow artists.. I saw so many people that I havent seen in YEARS!

Amazing artwork done by the MAC trainers.. The model looked like a real-life Ken doll!

Me rocking my super last minute colorblock situation.. I loved how this outfit came out!

Fresh faced.. I totally need to start glamming up again #teamnewmommy

Cute bartenders

My bestie Patty went for an all black ensemble in true MAC fashion

Love this year's brush sets!

My trusty Balenciaga.. Still looks brand new after all these years!

So.. what do you guys think of the new hair???


When Patty and I were in makeup school (where we met) this lady came and spoke to our class.  We were so inspired that we both ended up working for MAC.  We love you Monique!!!

A few quick shots after the party!

Sometimes you cant go wrong with primary colors.  They work so well together.  This outfit was a mix of old and new.. My blouse was thrifted, skinnies were brand new and my shoes are at least 2 years old!  Fashion fades but style is eternal!

Thanks for reading loves!

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