Monday, January 28, 2013

LIFT Wine Club Meeting - Floral Blazer

Well hello there lovelies!

This past weekend I hosted my wine club's January meeting at Sara Wine Bar in Culver City.  We had a ball!!!  It was our very first field trip since we usually meet at someone's home.  It was a rainy day but a few of the ladies showed up.  The wine was on point and the food was amazing.

Here's what I wore!

Blazer: F21+ || Shirt, Necklace & Leggings: HM || Wedge Sneakers: Lavatory || Bag: Celine

Here are a few pics of my Ladies Inspired From Tasting sisters!

Tracy, our hair expert and Shivaun, our CLASS clown!
Dr. Abbot and Miriam, the chef

Toni - our resident SEX expert!

Shivaun and Patty - our beauty guru

Good times were had by all!  Email me if you ever want to start a wine club with your friends.. I can give you some pointers! :)

Have a great week everyone!

instagram: @goodtimegirlari


  1. You are looking fabulous!!!! Love that blazer!!!!

  2. I love the wine club idea. You all look gorgeous!!!

  3. Arrrgh! Every time I see this jacket I feel like kicking myself in the ass cos I didn't get it lol. Looks good and a wine tasting club? I want to join! Lol

  4. SUPER Cute! And I'm a sucker for bangs...LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair!


  5. Hy, thanks for following, I'm following back now. BTW love your blazer. xoxo

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