Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ari Krueger

Hey everyone!

How are you all enjoying spring so far?  Out here in LA the weather has been beautiful but it still gets a little chilly in the evenings.  I have definitely been loving the weather and I've been so inspired to wear fun colors as we settle into springtime!

The other day when my bestie was taking my pics, she said to me "You look like a springtime Freddy Krueger!"  I fell out laughing!  I don't know about you but Freddy Krueger was the epitome of horrifying when I was growing up.  He is my favorite horror story character.  He trumps Jason and Michael Myers in my book..

Sweater: F21 || Jeggings: HM || Wedges: Topshop || Bag: LV

This sucka still scares the hell outta me.. I need to watch one of his movies now that I am an adult.  I bet they are hilarious!

I have some good news to share.... I'm stocking up on some new FAB pieces for my website!  I have to admit, I got sidetracked and really just lost my mojo when it came to my online store.  Between school, work and mommyhood, I just didnt have time to invest in GTG the way I should.  I'm happy to be feeling motivated again and I'm ready to get this thing going!  Stay tuned guys!

Hope you like my Freddy Krueger inspired look!   Who is your favorite horror story character?

instagram: @goodtimegirlari


  1. funny inspiration but you look hot love it from head to toe!!

  2. Cute look....Freddie was a good inspiration hunni!!!

  3. love the outfit,u look stunning!!

  4. HAHA! Love me some Freddy! U look cute & chic...


  5. Lol! Love this whole look!! You look great!!